Black Palm

Black Palm - Exotic Tropical Wood from Southeast Asia

Black Palm | Janka Hardness: 2230lbf

One of the more intriguing exotic wood species we use here at Makai Project, Black Palm (Borassus flabellifer) has some distinct characteristics that run closer to bamboo—a grass—then a hardwood. Like bamboo, black palm is a monocot—contains a single cotyledon (seed-leaf)—is fibrous and stringy, resilient, strong and dense. Hailing from Southeast Asia, black palm is also known as Asian Palmyra and Cambodian and Sugar Palm, and is in the same family as the sabal palm, what up Florida. Aside from being harvested for the heartwood, palmyra fruit's seed sockets (known as ice-apple by the British) is similar in texture and flavor to lychee, though without the pit, while sap from young trees is used to make sugar.

The wood is brown with streaks of darker brown and black fibers—the more fibrous the wood, the stronger it will be. The endgrain is especially interesting, with a stipulated look that takes on the appearance of an eye when finished and polished. 

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