Padauk - Red Tropical Hardwood from South America

Padauk | Janka Hardness: 1970lbf

Bold and bright, African Padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii) is one of the most recognizable and distinguishable woods we work with. Burnt orange to red in color, the heartwood is rich and deep, while the grain, which is straight with varying curves and interlocking segments adds a variation and striation to wood. The texture is coarse and porous—much like the domestic red oak—but can be sanded and smoothed to nice luster. Padauk can be tricky to work with, gumming up saw blades and having a tendency to color adjoining laminated woods—for centuries the heartwood has been used in dye recipes from Asia to Africa. But the brilliance of the finished product is just too much to pass up. When finished, the appearance deepens a bit, while some of the texture and grain gives the wood a three-deminsional appearance. 

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