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Slide | Handplanes in San Clemente

Kickass local photographer and videographer Greg Panas recently made the trek to the surf media capital of the world, San Clemente, California. Home to Surfing Magazine and The Surfer's Journal (with Surfer Magazine a short jaunt north), the small town halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles has some of the most legendary surf breaks in the country, hallowed names like Trestles, San Onofre, T-Street, Linda Lane and 204, long the stuff of bucket list breaks for the non-Pacific Coast surfer.

Along with the camera gear, Panas brought his trusty Makai Project handplane along for the trip, hoping to catch a few waves between sessions. The resulting photos are nothing short of spectacular: clean micro barrels with open lines and plenty of room to carve. The sequence below is a hollow little left, complete with body-surfer smiling for the camera as he sets up shop in the greenroom, enjoying the ride!

Thanks for sharing the photos Greg, these things are sick!

To check out Greg's portfolio, visit gregpanas.com.

Handplane at Trestles - Greg Panas Photography

headed left on a Makai Project handplane - Greg Panas Photography

Slide - Makai Project handplanes

In the green room - sliding into the barrel on a handplane - Greg Panas Photography

barrel closing in - San Clemente, California

Ride Over - San Clemente green room, closed door policy - Greg Panas Photography