The Process: Kicktails

The Kicktail Cruiser Skateboard Press

This is for all the children of the 1980s and early 90s, when skateboards came equipped with plastic accessories and adorned with hyper-color graphics. A throwback but still just as rad, the Kicktail Cruiser press has a raised nose (12-degree curve) and tail (11-degree tail), and flat deck. Using our plywood core construction or bamboo, these boards can be made to order depending on weight—as thin as 7/16”, to as thick as 3/4”—and the responsiveness and flex desired, allowing the rider to fully control the makeup of their skateboard deck.  

Retro Cruiser

Mini Shredder

Retro Mini Shredder

Kicktail Cruiser

Retro Kicktail Cruiser

One of our most popular decks, the Retro Kicktail Cruiser brings back those old school sentiments with a flat deck, and a raided nose and tail. This deck is perfect for carving, cruising or just looking good.

  • Size: 28 to 32 inches long by 7 1/2” to 9 1/2” wide. The longer the board, the steeper the nose and tail, the shorter the length, the less drastic the ends.

Mini Kicktail Shredders

This is our answer to those mini molded plastic boards that have taken over the planet. Utilizing just the kicktail aspect of the press, the board is flat and true until the back truck, where the tail rockets high. This little kicktail gives the rider superior control and agility.

  • Size: as small as 22” to as long 28” by 6” to 8” wide.

   Three different shapes are available: 

  • The Minnow -Split-tail Mini Kicktail [pictured]. 
  • The Mullet - Mini Retro Kicktail with a rounded tail.
  • The Diamond Lite - Mini Kicktail with a Diamond Tail.
Retro Kicktail Shredder
Similar to the mini kicktail, this shape eschews the raised nose, opting for just the tail. The shape comes straight from the sea, a surf-inspired mini shredder down to the bone. Perfect with both the plywood or bamboo core.
  • Size: 24" to 28" long by 6" to 8 1/2" wide.

Kicktail Cruiser

Like the retro cruiser, this deck can go long with a steep nose and tail or get squat, making things slight. The shape is simple yet sleek, letting the look of the board speak for itself. This deck is the perfect shape for the bamboo core, made short and wide for the carver in us all.

  • Size: 28" to 32" long by 7 1/2" to 9 1/2" wide.