Kicktail Skateboard from Makai Project
  • Board 16 front
  • Board 16 detail
  • Board 16 back

Banded Kicktail Pin

The best of both worlds, this kicktail skateboard merges exotic and domestic for a true sidewalk shredder. Working with teak, aspen and green poplar, with a band of bamboo breaking the grain, this board can't help but catch an eye.

Cold-pressed in our kicktail mold, this little asphalt bomber has a slight camber running from nose to back truck, where it transitions into a slight kicktail. This design gives the rider greater control and maneuverability.

Handmade in South Florida for a Sunshine State of Mind. Enjoy the Ride!

Shape + Design
Pintail Kicktail
Maple + Epoxy
Teak, Bamboo, Green Poplar, Aspen


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