Handmade Skateboards by Makai Project with hand painted art by CocoRamd of Rainy Sun Design
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Octo Purple Striper Kicktail Pin

The best of both worlds, this kicktail skateboard merges exotic and domestic for a true sidewalk shredder. Working with purpleheart and maple on the top, fresh, hand-painted graphic of a rad skateboarding octopus by @CocoRamB of Rainy Sun Design cruises on the bottom. Part of our illustrated collaboration series, the art is 100% original and put on the board with a special screen process directly onto the wood. The illustration is then hand-painted with watercolors that gives a fluid, ethereal look. It is then covered with our special polyurethane clear coat to seal and protect.

Made with our new kicktail cruiser press, the deck has a slight camber running from nose to back truck, where it transitions into a slight kicktail. This new design gives the rider greater control and maneuverability, while our proprietary epoxy recipe and custom wood layup designs make for the best skateboard decks around.

Handmade in South Florida for a Sunshine State of Mind. Enjoy the Ride!

Shape + Design
Pintail Kicktail
Illustration by
CocoRamb | Rainy Sun Design
Maple + Epoxy
Purpleheart, Maple


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