Handcrafted Kicktail Skateboard from Makai Project
  • Board 15 front
  • Board 15 detail
  • Board 15 back

Teak Sergeant Kicktail

Understated yet bold, this classic kicktail shredder merges exotic and domestic with ease. Made with teak, maple and aspen, the outer veneers give this deck a clean look, while the maple and epoxy core offers strength and peak performance. Cold-pressed in our kicktail mold, this little asphalt bomber has a slight camber running from nose to back truck, where it transitions into a slight kicktail. This design gives the rider greater control and maneuverability.

Handcrafted in South Florida for a Sunshine State of Mind.

Enjoy the Ride!

Shape + Design
Kicktail Cruiser
Maple + Epoxy
Teak, Maple, Aspen


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