Tuna Toss - Bimini Toss - Brass Ring - Handmade in South Florida - Cypress and Teak
  • Ringtoss fish
  • Ringtoss fish detail

Tuna Toss | Barroom Fun

Catch some fun on land with our fishy take on the classic barroom game, the Bimini Toss. The Tuna Toss is equipped with a large circle hook wrapped in Dacron, affixed to our handmade cypress and teak fish. Unique and fun, the Tuna Toss is a great addition to the home bar, patio or backyard.

For more fishy home decor, match with our Tuna Bottle Opener.

Pocket hole installation for hidden hardware. Good for interior and exterior use.

Finished in varnish to protect against the elements and give the board a high gloss finish.

Handcrafted in South Florida for a Sunshine State of Mind!

Please allow atleast 10 business days for shipping.
Cypress, Teak
1 Board with Hook; Brass Ring with Dacron Line; 1 Eye-Hook for Installation.
Due to variation of wood grain, each Tuna Toss may not appear exactly as pictured.


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