Purpleheart - Tropical hardwood

Purpleheart | Janka Hardness: 2390lbf

This tropical hardwood native to Central and South America is, to the uninitiated, often confused for a stained piece of wood. Purpleheart (Peltogyne paniculata), also known as amaranth, is incredibly dense, extremely strong and water resistant, making it a desirable wood species in fine woodworking. But it's in the hue and movement of the heartwood that gives purpleheart its name and high appeal.

Coming in a rich, deep and vibrant purple, the heartwood is bold and unforgettable. The grain varies from straight to wavy, and once finished has a swirling movement that seems fluid. Like padauk, purpleheart makes its presence known in the shop, coloring adjoining woods and gumming up saw blades, but the end result is absolutely royal.

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