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Wood Species Description

From exotic to domestic, we use a number of wood species in our layup designs for both our skateboards and handplanes. Ranging in color, look and strength, each has a unique characteristic that brings added dimension to the board's aesthetic. 

Below is a listing of the wood we use. Both domestic and exotic, each species brings something unique to the equation. Click on the image or name to get a description of each wood species, including its Janka scale rating (wood hardness test measured in pounds-force), to give you a better idea of what's going into our products.

For those designing a custom board, all the images are of sealed wood, so to resemble the finished product as close as possible. However, every piece of wood is different, with unique and varying qualities and characteristics in each, so look may vary. 

If you don't see a particular species you would like use in a custom deck, email us at sales [at] makaiproject [dot] com. And be sure to check in often, we are constantly tinkering with different wood species and techniques.

Bamboo - Vertical and Horizontal Exotic Wood


Black Palm - Exotic Tropical Wood from Southeast Asia

Black Palm

Bocote - Exotic Wood Species Used for Longboard Skateboards


Bubinga - Tropical Hardwood


Canarywood - Exotic Tropical Hardwood


Hard Maple - Curly and Birdseye Maple - Domestic Hardwood

Hard Maple

Hawaiian Koa - Tropical Hardwood

Hawaiian Koa

Mahogany - Honduran Mahogany - Brown Tropical Hardwood


Marblewood - Serpentwood - Tropical Hardwood with Yellow and Red Swirls


Padauk - Bright Red Tropical Hardwood



Purpleheart - Bright Purple Tropical Hardwood


Red Oak - Domestic Hardwood - Sustainable Wood Species

Red Oak

Spanish Cedar - Tropical hardwood from Central America

Spanish Cedar

Walnut - Domestic Hardwood


Wenge - Exotic Wood from Africa


Yellowheart - Tropical Hardwood


Zebrawood - Striped Hardwood from Africa